A caterer will have to consider a lot of things if lunch is to be served.  There are ingredients that can be prepared the night before and cooked the following day.  For a large catering for lunch, ingredients storage can be a problem.  If the caterer does not have enough burners to cook all before lunch, food must be cooked the night before that can also give a problem for cooked food storage.

Usually, a caterer will explain for the lunch catering troy that some foods will either need to be changed or taken out of the list because of the time to prepare and cook them.  

Spoiled foods

When food is spoiled before it can be served it will be a loss to the caterer.  In the event it happens, the caterer will need to contact the customer and ask for an alternative to the spoiled food.  Often the customer asks for a suggestion and most of the time the caterer will suggest something that is ready if not easy to prepare and cook with the least cost.

For food that is not exactly part of the main menu, the customer can just ask it to be scrapped.  It happens almost always that food gets spoiled two hours just before it is to be served and those that would be food that have been cooked or prepared the night before.

Cooking time

Last minute orders of customers for catering are often a tough job for caterers especially if purchasing, preparation and cooking will take considerable time.  Not all ingredients are in stock with caterers especially if they have limited storage.  When a customer insists on a menu that will take time to get ready, a caterer will have no choice but to have some people work overtime.  In almost all industries, extra effort is needed to please a customer.

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